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Review of: The 21st Century Intranet

The author: Jennifer Stone Gonzalez, Ph.D.

            JENNIFER STONE GONZALEZ co-founded both the Web Developer's Coalition at US West and the WisdomLink™ Group at International Learning Systems, and consults widely.She is dean of the Electric Intranet Institute and author of The 21st Century Intranet. She holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Communication and hosts discussions about Intranets at CW Intranet University,

            The 21st Century Intranet is written for people who want to development the Intranets within their organization and who want to ensure that the systems developed add value to the organization and excitement to the workplace. The 21st Century Intranet comes with a CD-ROM, first I think this boos is expensive, but forget about it. Cost is not a big deal for this book. This book is very useful book; the key of this book is to balance people and technology during Intranet development. The 21st Century Intranet will help you understand and adapt to the profound realities of Intranet communication. In this book, Jennifer Gonzalez demonstrates how to:

            In CD-ROM, There are four Intranet software demos on this CD-ROM. They are Durand Communications, IntraNetics, Netscape Communication Corporation, and RadNet WebShare. Each one has a unique set of instructions for installing or launching the software. Not only you learn from the book, but also the CD-ROM will give you a lot of ideas if you play it.

            One thing that I complain about this book is that sometime it is difficult to understand for the beginners. But this book, "IS musts read." Good book with a cool CD-ROM.

            The 21st Century Intranet by Jennifer S. Gonzalez has 472 pages. The price of this book is US $39.95, and published in 1997 by Prentice-Hall, Inc. in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.