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Review of: Using Networks

The author: Frank J. Derfler

            Frank J. Derfler, Jr. is a senior networking editor of PC magazine. He also worked on a committee that created contracts with company like IBM, Digital, Buroughs, and Univac for the development of TCP/IP software for specific computers. He is the author or co-author of more than a dozen published books on networking and data communications. His most popular titles include The PC Magazine Guild to Connectivity and, with co-author Les Freed, How Networks work.

            This book is for both of beginner and amateur who want to know about Networking. Using Networks is easy to read and easy to understand, have many nice illustrations to give you better understanding of network technology. It is the source to help you plan for a proposed or existing networks. It is designed to act as a quick reference, a tutorial, and a friendly consultant. The most part that I love in this book is Glossary in Appendixes, page 443. Many words about computer and Networks have been explained clearly, have a good definition for reader every level. There are 17 chapter in Using Networks. Start with Connectivity, the advantage of connection, LANs, WANs, Networks system, connection between LANs and LANs. To why do need Networks, how do you create your network, what do you need, and how does it work? Using Networks will explain you step-by step and easy to understand.

            If you are the one who have no idea about networks (like me) or want to know more about networks, this is the first book that I have never thought about the price. For $29.99 of this book is better than a Red Wing's T-shirt. Score: 10 (should more than 10)

            The Using Networks by Frank J. Derfler has 502 pages. The price of this book is US $ 29.99, and published in 1998 by Que in Indianapolis, Indiana.