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Celebrating 20 Years

What Solution are you looking for...

Technology Training Solutions
*Productivity Software  *Database Tools
*Internet and Web Construction *GroupWise
*Visual Basic  *Custom Designed Seminars
Statewide Training Opportunities
     (Now available from Interactive Schedule Guide)

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Access97 Self
Assessment Test

Systems Development Solutions
*Web Design, Construction and Maintenance
*Database Design and Construction *Client/Server
*Custom Application Design  *Y2K Testing
Tech-in-Time Support Solutions
*Timely, Effective Computer Support
*Rapid Response, In Person, On-site Support

What's New?

Statewide Training Seminars - Open enrollment in classrooms located statewide.  Just visit our Interactive Schedule Guide and Select On-Site locations. 
Interactive Schedule Guide - Find the class you are looking for much faster and easier!
Expanded Systems Development - Check out all we have to offer in custom programming including our:

 Small Business Web Package
(On the Web in under a week for less than $1000)Think it was too much trouble for a Web Page? Check this out...
PTD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - What is the difference between PTD and LCI?  Here is a list of common questions about what PTD/LCI is all about and how we can help you.