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Professional Technical Development

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Technology Training Solutions

blueball.jpg (803 bytes) Productivity Software
blueball.jpg (803 bytes) Database Tools
blueball.jpg (803 bytes) Internet and Web Construction
blueball.jpg (803 bytes) GroupWise
blueball.jpg (803 bytes) Visual Basic
blueball.jpg (803 bytes) Custom Designed Seminars
Statewide Training Opportunities
(Now available from Interactive Schedule Guide)

System Development Solutions

blueball.jpg (803 bytes) Web Design, Construction and Maintenance
blueball.jpg (803 bytes) Database Design and Construction
blueball.jpg (803 bytes) Client/Server
blueball.jpg (803 bytes) Custom Application Design
blueball.jpg (803 bytes) Y2K Testing

Employment Opportunities

Celebrating 20 Years
Contact Us
3001 Coolidge Rd, Suite 403
Lansing, MI 48823
Phone: (517)333-9363

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Tech-in-Time Support Solutions

ball1.jpg (1035 bytes) Timely, Effective Computer Support
ball1.jpg (1035 bytes) Rapid Response, In Person, On-site Support

 What's New?

greenball.jpg (784 bytes) Statewide Training Seminars
greenball.jpg (784 bytes) Interactive Schedule Guide
greenball.jpg (784 bytes) Expanded Systems Development
greenball.jpg (784 bytes) PTD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Small Business Web Package
(On the Web in under a week for less than $1000)
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